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You've got a creative project. You need a voice, maybe some music, a little sound design and a killer mix to bring it all together. It just so happens that I love giving voice to story; literally and figuratively. Not only am I a darn good voice actor (aw, shucks...) but I've also won a Grammy and four Emmy's for my work as a sound designer and mixer. Let's make some noise! 

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I like sound. A lot. I voice copy, mix films, create crazy voices and sounds for casino games and bore my wife with esoteric sound discussions. I completely understand what you mean when you ask for a uLaw file and if you need my voice and you need it mixed with music, well, I'm your huckleberry. Let's make some noise!

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Get in touch with me directly by filling out this form, shooting me an email or just picking up the phone and dialing the ten digits below.


3395 S. Jones Blvd. #328 Las Vegas, NV 89146

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